When It’s Time To Leave The Place You’ve Called Home

Going back to the city I was living in last year with my friends only made me think about how painful it will be to leave my current city, Lyon.

There’s something about places you’ve lived in, no matter how long, it seems like there’s always a part of them that stays inside of your, not gonna say heart because science, lol. But it stays somewhere and it creates a void, a feeling that can’t be filled easily and which you can only come back to in flashbacks and pictures.

I never understood why people romanticize nostalgia, to me it’s just painful. It’s memories, people and places haunting me and honestly just makes me feel sad and frustrated cause I know that it would never be the same again and I know that I will never be the same again.

So here I am, saying goodbye to a city I once called “home”, looking out of my window knowing that I won’t be living in this place anymore and remembering memories I know are long gone and only exist in pictures and words.

It’s so dramatic to people who have never been in this situation or who don’t attach themselves to places and I don’t know why I still feel this way after all the countries and towns I have moved in and out from, knowing that now is my fourth time.

Now there won’t be gifs in this blog, only emotions, and nostalgia. (Ugh, right?). But I promise the next blog will be more fun.

Throughout all the bad memories that I’ve experienced, there’s still a part of me that loves every single one of them, because I guess it just makes me who I am, the smiles, the tears, the bus and train rides, the ups and downs and the friends I’ve made along the way, I know that they reflect on a side of me, a side that will stay with me and a side that I would love to reflect on people around me (past, present, and future).

So to everyone who ever felt the way I do, I want you to know that it’s okay and it’s gonna be okay, you’ve learned a lot, you’ve lost many people throughout your journey but the experience you’re gaining now is worth the pain.

I now ask you to stay hopeful, stay strong and most importantly, stay curious.

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