Perks Of Solo Living

For some people, living alone sucks. It’s lonely, it’s sad and it’s boring.

While I can sometimes relate to these disadvantages of living alone, I still absolutely love it and wonder why some people prefer to live with a roommate instead.

Of course, I do miss my family always being around and someone to come back home to but I also do believe that there are many advantages which make living alone priceless for me.

Here are some of my major tips on how to live alone and love it:


1. Independence.

While living alone, you only have yourself to depend on, that’s why you may catch yourself being very responsible sometimes like saying no to going out partying till 4 am and coming back home alone.

You’ll have to buy groceries for yourself only and will have to schedule everything from your monthly expenses to your sleeping hours.

2. It will be lonely, but YOU don’t have to be.

Of course, some days will feel like crap, you will sit by your window while it’s raining outside, listening to sad songs, drinking tea and wondering what you’re doing with your life but you will have to know that living alone does NOT mean feeling lonely.

Everyone feels this way from time to time even when surrounded by a whole crowd of people, it only depends on your mind to shift these thoughts to more positive ones.

3. Fill your time.

No, I’m not telling you to avoid being alone.
You should spend some time alone, but you should also not stay at home every single day.
You can try many activities whether it was taking a walk, meeting up with a friend or even going to the cinema all by yourself.
Always have a weekly schedule and try to stick to it.

 4. Get friends.

Human beings are social animals, we can’t live without one another and we need friends we can easily communicate with but we don’t need to shut ourselves off from the world only because we’re surrounded by people who are different from us.
Keeping an open mind while making friends who are different than you can open plenty of doors to understanding people better.

 5. Make your living place a real one.

This one is my favorite, DECORATION. Try to make your room your comfort zone and to make your home feel like home.
Whether it was by placing lots of cushions, changing rooms lighting or lighting candles, it’s important to go back home feeling like it’s a place you’d like to live in.

Keep it organized and clean which is another thing to add to your weekly schedule!

6. You must motivate yourself.

Self-motivation is all you need when living alone, you need that to get out of your bed in the morning, go on time to class, do simple house chores such as washing the dishes and cleaning the house and even studying and trying so hard NOT to distract yourself with cute dog pictures on Instagram… (IKR)


7. If you’re still feeling lonely, there’s always Netflix.

Hearing people’s voices on tv, laptop or even Instagram stories can help us feel like we’re surrounded by others and it’s not always a waste of time.

there are many documentaries and useful tv shows and channels you can watch and follow! (Check out  “how to be smarter” )

To conclude all of this, be yourself, take your time and space to feel more comfortable and feel the strong sense of power and independence!

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