France Vs. Chile, Cultural Differences With Danny.

Danny, AKA bff, is a great person whom I met in Montpellier, France while we were both learning French.

We instantly became friends by talking about the kinds of pets that we had in the past (we’re that kind of people) at a party we both were not enjoying.

So, first of all, Danny is a cinema student who is also a photographer and has a secret Youtube channel (she’s shy about it) you can actually check her insta-profile by clicking on → Instagram profile. 

Here’s some of Danny’s work to show you how talented she is:

AMAZING, right?!!!!????

When I asked her about the cultural differences between France and Chile, she barely gave me answers but they’re totally worth sharing so thanks, Danny! 

I’ll explain what she said using simple words and some gifs.

1.   Backward French slang words  (cimer=merci, ouf=fou) that are used by younger generations (up until 30 yrs old…) in their everyday life whereas in Chile only teenagers( teenagers, literally) use them, for example, cromi =micro, saca=casa

2. In France, people dress well, better than Chile (that’s what she said.)

3. The French people that Danny met weren’t very interested in knowing about her culture, as a matter of fact, she has a friend who believed that Chile is actually in Spain.

4. French people are not afraid to give their opinions in classes, in Chile, it’s always the professor’s word, you can rarely share your POV.

5. French people don’t watch The Simpsons as much. “People are obviously obsessed with the Simpsons in Chile”, Danny explains.

6. Independence day in Chile is THE BEST WEEK EVER. yes, it lasts for a week and we dance cueca, we eat Empanadas de Pino and we drink terremoto, lots of terremoto. In France, the  Bastille Day is celebrated but not as much as Fiestas Patrias.

Thank you, Danny, for letting more people know about your culture and thank you all for reading! 


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