Why You Should Take A Break From Media

This virtual world is driving you crazy, I can imagine.

Our world has changed and it would never go back to the way it was before, to the farms, the manual games, the late candled nights.

I haven’t lived in that time and I’m actually thankful for that.

I am a millennial, easy life, born to be a robot.

But eventually it tore me apart, I’m bored, I can’t take this fake life, likes, comments, views…

I made my decision to put myself first, before social media, before anyone else.

I took my time and realized that I have made the best decision ever, for my own sake.

This disconnection opened a magnificent window into my mind and soul.

Even though being absent and blogging doesn’t match, sometimes you just have to take better care of yourself, which is more important than anything.

I’m meeting great people, I’m living the moment, talking with great minds, reading helpful books, I don’t need anyone to tell me that I’m doing well because I know I am and I wish people could feel the same way I am feeling right now.

1. Take Time To Learn More About Yourself.


2. Be Present.


3. Love More, Not In Comments.


4. Free Your Mind Of People’s Stupid Opinions.

pexels-photo-37728.jpeg5. Make Time For Those  You Truly Love.


6. You Don’t Have To Share Everything With The World.


7. You Don’t Have To Be Perfect.pexels-photo-57905.jpeg

8. Get Better Sleep At Night.pexels-photo-269141.jpeg

9. Wake Up Without An Obsession. 


10. More Self-Confidence.pexels-photo-302304.jpeg

11. Feel Less Stressed.pexels-photo-944782.jpeg

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