My Life As A “Syrian”

I’ve always wanted to talk about this topic but I never found enough courage to do so even when it takes a HUGE part in my life because basically, It’s who I am and where I came from.

I know how difficult it is to feel discriminated against mostly every time I tell people where I come from.

It doesn’t necessarily contain bad words, it’s the look that I get after I say it, that makes me feel like an alien from a different planet. 

When people hear that I’m Syrian, at first they stop talking (Pause for a second or so) then they continue talking while secretly staring at me with curiosity and sometimes hatred, arrogance, and even fear! Fear that I might do something as crazy as blowing up something IDK! 

I know how proud people can be when asked where they are from but people like me, who were unfortunate enough to live in such messed country aren’t. Even when they say they are, they secretly wish that they were from another better country. 

We can’t forget that Syria and The Middle East, in general, has the oldest history, Damascus is still the oldest capital in the world.

Science and religion (All Of Them) came from there, people with great minds and great ideas were born there, While sexism takes the biggest part of the Middle Eastern culture now, most powerful queens were ruling it before.

But that’s only history, I can’t be proud of governments killing innocent people, I can’t be proud of people getting killed for their own beliefs, I can’t be proud of women being abused and harassed on a daily basis. I just Can Not. 

The funniest thing I have to deal with as a Syrian is the dumb questions I get asked.

“Do you have traffic lights in Syria? What about houses? Do you have schools and televisions and telephones? Do you have a sea? Do you live in the desert? ” 

Of course, they get shocked when I say I’ve never seen the desert before.

And the funny thing about these questions is that most people who ask me if we have a sea in Syria are from cities on the Mediterranian sea, so we basically share the same sea but they’re too lazy to look at the map!! 

So Please, dear readers, be kind, be compassionate and be smart while talking to Middle Easterns/Syrians. Don’t assume that we’re all jihadis or Jasmin/ Aladdin lookalike people. 

In fact, let’s see some pictures of Syria and know more about it.


Palmyra’s queen, Zanobia. 


This writing system was employed in the city of Ugarit, located in western Syria from around 1300 BCE. It later was supplanted by the West Semitic, Proto-Sinaitic-descended scripts.


Qalet Ja’bar.


Tartous City. Aleppo-Citadel

Aleppo Citadel. ruins




And finally, my city (Damascus).

Thank you,

 Love And Peace.



4 thoughts on “My Life As A “Syrian”

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  1. Many people have this prejudice instilled in their minds, which is something that should be changed in this world! I think that it’s amazing that this world has so much diversity and races and religions and colors to offer. All we need to do is keep our minds open. Great post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, I absolutely agree with you, fortunately the number of enlightened people is increasing which creates a better open-minded society with much tolerance . Thank you again, I really appreciate it. ❤️


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