Living in Turkey for four years made me change in so many ways indeed, I gained so many experiences during my years spent there, some were good and some were bad.

But after leaving Turkey and moving to Europe, precisely to France, I can write about the differences between them.

1. In Turkey, you can see all four seasons: Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall.
In Europe, it’s mostly either cold and not cold.
2. In Turkey, you can eat a big meal and get full even with only a sandwich (döner)

In Europe, meals are more expensive and you’d get hungry after 2 hours of eating. (specifically in France)

3. In Turkey, strangers aren’t so welcomed in small towns or some streets in big cities. They try to avoid talking to foreigners and to strangers in general.
In France and some countries in Europe, strangers are so welcomed and citizens would actually be proud of tourists visiting their towns and villages.
4.Turkish Cafes are INCREDIBLE on Friday nights.
you can go to a cafe on a Friday Night and there would be an amateur singer/band with an AMAZING voice singing most famous Turkish songs all night.
It wouldn’t even be a bar, you can be smoking and drinking Çay (Turkish Tea)  while enjoying the music.
5. I HATE SUNDAYS IN EUROPE. Everything is closed.



6.Turkish people are Very. Very. Impatient.

As soon as traffic lights turn green every single car would be honking like crazy, they wouldn’t even be in a rush and it can be only 6 am in the morning. Where did you get that vibe from people?




7.Greetings in Europe are different. WAY different. and I don’t mean France.

People don’t like physical contact. In Turkey though, they kiss on both cheeks, then hug on both sides. I miss having these warm greetings.

Most of the comparisons I made are based on my stay in France.

I hope no one finds what I wrote offensive, I am only sharing my POV and what I have experienced, I’m not saying that it all must be right.

Saygılarım bütün Türk arkadaşlarıma. Sizi seviyorummm

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